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Putting wood to work...

Our expert team of carpenters can offer the natural finish that you desire. From kitchen installations , to staircases, to built in wardrobes, EJK Joinery can help realise your plans. We can engineer, manufacture and install a premium finish. If you are looking for something special for your home or business, we also create bespoke, handcrafted furniture in our own workshop. (Canterbury,Kent)

InstalIing a wood floor?

Wood flooring can add warmth and style. Read our guide below…

Wood flooring installers (Kent)

Wood flooring can add warmth, style, character to property, whilst adding value to your home, both monetarily and in functionality.


Never out of fashion

Wooden flooring not only looks stylish and premium, it never goes out of fashion, unlike carpets, lino and tiles. Each wood floor plank is unique, creating a bespoke array of shades, textures visual appeal.


Durable flooring

Wooden floors are very durable and resistant to wear and tear caused by daily traffic. As a consequence of wood flooring being a natural material, they hold warmth better than other flooring types, such as laminate tiles. Whilst all forms of flooring wear over time, a good wooden floor will outlast carpet and floor tiles. Additionally, a wood floor can be renovated easily, by sanding after many years of use, making it look brand new. This culminates in the flooring being very economical and with no need to replace, which is the likely scenario with carpet


Maintaining and cleaning wood floors

Wood flooring is easy to maintain and clean. Most wooden floors are resistant to liquid spillages and dirt. Simply brush and wipe your floor to make it look clean. This is an advantage over a carpet, which needs to be vacuum cleaned and treated with stain remover/absorber if a liquid is spilt on it. Wood flooring is a great solution in any property, but especially where you have high traffic, pets and children. Lastly, wood floors are more hygienic as fleas, dust mites and other allergen producing spores are not able to establish themselves, unlike carpets.


Built-in wardrobes

Fitted closets make the perfect use of space in your home. Read our guide below…

Built-in wardrobe installers (Kent)

Buying a wardrobe, chest of drawers or shoe storage can be daunting. There are so many options, styles, sizes and finding the perfect fit for your home can be difficult.


Built in wardrobes or fitted closets could be the perfect solution. Integrated wardrobes are custom built for the space in your home, so they are not only functional (maximising your space), they are aesthetically beautiful and bespoke.

Here are some benefits of a built-in wardrobes.

Maximising space

Unlike traditional, free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are built to fit any space in your property. It provides an intelligent solution, especially where the shape of your rooms are not uniform or square. Custom built wardrobes and storage can be fit around odd shapes and make the best use of space in your rooms.


Compliments your home’s style

As the built-in wardrobe is bespoke, you can choose how the wardrobe doors and drawers look. More importantly, you can extend the style of the rest of your home.


Custom configuration

A further advantage of built-in wardrobes is that it gives you the freedom to choose how to configure the storage space. For example, if your clothing is mainly formal, you can request more hanger space. Alternatively, if you have lots of shoes, the customised option can accommodate your collection.


Lighting your wardrobe

How many times do fumble around in the dark looking for clothes in your free-standing wardrobe? This can be frustrating, especially on those dark winter mornings. With built-in wardrobe solutions, you can add integrated lighting, meaning it will no longer be an issue for you. We would recommend adding LED strips for shelves and drawers.


Adds value to your home

Installing a built-in wardrobe and storage will add value to your property. If you ever sell your home, then this custom solution not only adds to the synergy of your home but will also increase the value in the eyes of prospective buyers. Not only will it appeal, due to the style, but it also negates buyers having to purchase new free standing wardrobes.


In summary, whatever the shape of your home or commercial property, EJK Joinery can design a bespoke solution for you. Covering Canterbury, Kent and London, we can maximise the space and continue the style of your home. Calls us today for a consultation.


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