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What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a heating system which can be used to warm or heat rooms, negating the need for traditional systems like radiators.

In the below article we will explore the benefits and answer some of the common questions we are asked.

Types of Underfloor Heating

There are primarily two types of systems for underfloor heating. Both heat your floor evenly from the ground up, but there are some key differences

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric Underfloor Heating (dry heating) systems employ electric wires or mats which are installed beneath your flooring. The system is usually placed on the top layer of floor insulation to make sure that the heat rises, rather than directed downwards. The wires or mats are then connected to the mains supply.

According to Which? Around 65% of people prefer electric systems. They are generally easier to install than water-based systems and are ideal for fitting in existing properties. Generally, they are less expensive to install than the water system, but running costs are slightly higher than the aforementioned system.

Water Underfloor Heating (Wet ) Systems

With a water-based system, pipes are laid beneath your flooring and connect to your boiler. Warm water is circulated and heats the area. The water-based system is ideal for larger areas, but is more complex to install, making it more expensive than the electric system. The benefit comes in the form of running costs which are generally more economical.

Where can Underfloor Heating be installed?

Underfloor heating can be installed in most properties and buildings – New builds, extensions, existing homes and commercial buildings.

10 Benefits of Underfloor Heating

1 - Heats rooms evenly and adds comfort

Underfloor heating is a fantastic way to heat the rooms in your home. Once installed, your room will be heated evenly and to each corner of the area. Furthermore, the floor retains heat far more efficiently than radiators which cool down quickly once turned off.  This means no more cold feet when entering the kitchen or bathroom in the winter months!

2 - Heats from the bottom-up

Where traditional radiators are hung on walls, it means that the heat that they produce begins to rise, leaving the area below them cooler than the rest of the room. An underfloor heating system solves this issue resulting in a warmth that can be felt at all levels of the room.

3 - Saves space

If you have underfloor heating installed, there is no need to install radiators. Your rooms will look more spacious (ideal for a minimalist look) or it can free up space for more interesting furnishings such as paintings, shelf units or storage furniture.

4 - Reduced energy bills

If you have a large room in your home or commercial property, then underfloor heating can be more effective and efficient at heating the area than a radiator system. Underfloor heating systems work at a lower temperature than the water pumped through your boiler system, resulting in reduced heating bills.

5 - Can be installed under different types of flooring

Underfloor heating systems can be accommodated under most types of flooring, meaning that it can fit into your vision for the room. Installations can be placed under stone, tiles, wood or carpeted floors. In regard to a carpet, we recommend that it is not too thick – generally no more than 1.5 tog.

6 - Adds value to your Home

When it comes to buying or renting a property, underfloor heating can increase the value of your home. Underfloor heating is perceived as state-of-the-art and luxurious. Adding a system to your property adds benefits to prospective buyers or renters.

7 - Links to Thermostats + Timers

Underfloor heating systems can be programmed much like radiators in your home. This not only helps to keep the room temperature as you desire but also the times when you need it. Over time this reduces waste and reduces your energy bills.

8 - Low maintenance

If you install an electric underfloor heating system, then maintenance is low once fitted. Unlike a radiator system, you will not need to bleed. flush or add water to the system.

9 - A cleaner more hygienic home

Rooms heated by radiators can result in cold and dampness occurring at ground level. This is the perfect environment for dust mites. Underfloor heating makes the environment too warm and deters them from breeding/living in your rooms. Furthermore, those with conditions such as asthma will be far more comfortable in this environment.

Lastly, radiators are fitted closely to walls, which means that they are hard to clean and can accumulate dust over time, which can only be properly cleaned if they are dismounted.

10 - Flexible temperature in every room

Your traditional radiator system will likely work with a thermostat. There is usually only one thermostat installed which means that the one temperature will be applied to all rooms of your property. Although most modern radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves (to adjust the temperature of each room), these can be difficult and fiddly to control.

 With underfloor heating systems, each room has its’ own dedicated thermostat. This means that the temperature of each room can be set as you desire. For example, you may wish for bathrooms to be warmer than the kitchen area. Bedrooms could be set to a cooler temperature to encourage a comfortable sleep or rooms used only at certain times of the day, to be lower in off-peak times of use. Whatever your needs, this system can accommodate them.

How much does it cost to install Underfloor Heating?

Without wishing to be vague, installation costs vary depending on factors such as the size of the room and the number of rooms you wish to heat. Is the underfloor heating system to be fitted in a new-build, home extension or an older building with existing flooring? These factors will determine the ease and time taken to install the system in your property.

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Underfloor heating can make your home feel comfortable, create more space and save you or make you money (if you ever sell your home). The ten benefits above have hopefully highlighted why underfloor systems are a great choice for households.

EJK Property Services are expert installers of underfloor heating systems and our fully qualified team are at hand to advise you. The above article is a basic guide to the benefits of installing a system in your home. We can provide much more detail in a free consultation at your home.

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