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Blue Studio Interiors develops creative interior design solutions for private houses and  commercial spaces. Our services cover (but are not limited to)

– Retail (shops)

– Business Offices

– Restaurants and cafes

– Public Houses (bars and nightclub)

– Hotels

– Sporting venues

We interpret the needs and expectations of our clients, whilst seeking to employ the most innovative materials suitable for their projects. Our workmanship is bespoke and takes into account, not only product quality, but also functionality, without compromising on the details of our custom made finishes.

Lifestyle and functionality of the given space is fundamental for us, especially when we are faced with today’s housing solutions of modest sizes. EJK Interior Design (in conjunction with Blue Studio Interiors) design bespoke libraries, kitchens and bathrooms, utilising all the available given space.  

The ability to create clever, unique and comfortable interiors, based on the customers’ budget, is our key strength. This is all made possible with our vast network of contacts and international suppliers offering a huge range of products developed to our specifications. 

Attention to detail, respecting the timescale of the work to be performed and offering a first class service are our primary objectives.

Benefits of interior designers?

Enlisting the services of an interior designer is paramount if you wish to see the full benefit of the investment placed in your new home, extension or renovated commercial property.

The interior designer’s primary objective is to make the property look good (aesthetically), whilst maximising functionality. Through decades of experience, Blue Studio Interiors know how to make the house/commercial outlet look attractive based on the personality and needs of their client.

Save money


Whilst interior designer services are not free, they offer far more value than the outlay for them. Moreover, they may save you money. An interior designer can reduce spending by advising owner against unwise purchases and add value to your home by making the property more appealing. This is especially true if selling a property as this element can offer a competitive advantage versus alternative homes.



A professional and pragmatic approach results in the interior designer being able to identify unlikely issues and opportunities, that the owner may not have seen. Working to a budget means that impulsive and emotional purchases the owner may have made, are removed. Therefore, capital is never stretched beyond the original budget.

Interior designers source the best materials and furnishings


Through years of experience and an extensive contact list of trustworthy companies, an interior designer can source the best value drapery, furniture and accessories. Your project will not be the only purchases made by the interior designer over the year, thus they will be able to use purchasing power to drive a lower cost, than if you went directly to these companies. Furthermore, this will also reduce the time spent by the homeowner, researching and shopping around across various companies for the best deal.

Collaboration with EJK Property Services


In consultation with EJK Property Services (building company), Blue Studio Interiors will have an insight into every aspect of the construction process, meaning the owners’ vision is considered at every stage. The interior designer will help make any necessary changes with EJK, resulting in the perfect finish.

Maximising functionality


Wasted space is a ‘crime’ to the homeowner. Under-utilised areas can be a frustration to property owners (especially in regards to new build homes). Designers will ensure that this does not happen (unless it is intended). Analysis of every square foot is made, to make sure it is contributing to the synergy of your finished home. Maximising functionality is a fundamental objective for the designer, but they will also provide solutions that are not only useful but attractive.

Utilising the latest trends


You will have a vision for your home but perhaps are not aware of new innovations and trends, which could complement your own ideas. Some features, fittings and styles will fall out of fashion and your interior designer can consult with you on these areas. Investing time here will avoid your home looking dated in a few short years. The benefit will be a home fitted with the latest building techniques, equipment and furnishings. This translates into a house you can be proud of showing off.

Creating synergy


To summarise, Blue Studio Interiors work in collaboration with you and EJK Property services to deliver a fully functional and furnished home, that delivers more than the sum of its’ parts.

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