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EJK Property Services are local builders covering Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Thanet, Wingham, Kent and London. 

Building experts, specialising in extensions, loft conversions and new builds. 


Looking to build an extension?

EJK Property Services can guide you through the process. We offer single storey, two storey home extension, annexes and refurbishments in the Canterbury, Kent area. 

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Extending your property is a great way to add additional space without having to move home. Not only do you gain the benefit of more space/rooms, it will add value to your property and potentially gain you a better mortgage rate!

This beginner’s guide covers common questions about extensions…


The benefits of home extensions?

If you want/need additional rooms, then moving is an option, but the likelihood is that you will pay a premium for extra rooms. Not only this, there are numerous fees (stamp duty, estate agents, solicitors etc.) that you will need to incur the costs of. This is not to mention the stress of searching, bidding for another property, exchanging and moving all of your possessions!

Building an extension can give you the supplementary space you need and could cost significantly less. You can remain in your current surroundings, whilst gaining the benefit of new rooms, add value to your house price and potentially increase your equity in the home.

Enlarging the footprint of your house is likely to result in your home being valued higher by estate agents. Furthermore, this can help when you next come to remortgage, as the loan to value (LTV) will have decreased. The conclusion being, a more competitive interest rate, potentially saving you thousands of pounds over the life time of the mortgage.

Extension considerations

Building a single storey-extension? Consider a two-storey extension as this will add more value to the property. Furthermore, not only will it give you more space, the incremental cost of a two storey extension is likely to be worth the long-term investment. For example, the foundations will be the same cost whether you have one or two storeys.

Additional considerations:

• Soil conditions on the site – is there a chance of subsidence?

• Services – gas, electricity, water. Can they be easily extended or are pipes/lines in the area you are looking to develop?

• Surrounding trees – protected trees and those that would need to be removed

•  any history of flooding

•  rights of way. 

Before you worry too much about these details, contact EJK Property Services so that we can guide you through the process, discuss your ideas and potential costs. We make the process simple.

How much does an extension cost?

There will be a number of variables that determine the total cost, but put simply, it will depend how big the desired extension will be and to what specification.

The costs below should be used as a guide only. EJK can give you a detailed quotation post a consultation meeting and site visit. 

– Basic £1,000 to £1,680

– Good £1,680 to £1,920

– Prem £1,920 to £2,160

How to pay for a home extension?

There are several options open to you, but we would always recommend adding the project costs to your existing mortgage.

Credit cards – can be an expensive way to borrow, but if you only require a few thousand pounds to supplement savings, then this could be an option. Because there are lots of credit cards offering 0% interest free credit for up to 27 months, this could be a viable option for some.

Loans – could be employed for smaller projects (circa <£25K). However, be wary of the interest rates and repayment terms with this scenario.  

Remortgage or secured loan – If, like most extensions, the cost is going to be higher than a few thousand pounds, then a remortgage can be a good option. Added to your existing mortgage and paid off over a longer term, the result is a more affordable way to realise your dream home.  The project cost is diluted over the term of your mortgage, therefore making monthly repayments more manageable and at a lower interest rate.

Do I need planning permission for my home extension?

Planning permission depends on whether the extension falls under Permitted Development Rights. EJK Property Services’ consultants will be on hand to advise you. However, you do not need planning permission if you extend a detached dwelling by 8m to the rear, if it’s single storey or 3m if it’s double.

Caveats are:

    Height restrictions. A single storey extension must not be higher than 4m in height to the ridge and the eaves, and ridge heights of any extension not being higher than the existing property

        Two storey extensions must not be closer than 7m to the rear boundary

        It must be built in the same or similar material to the existing dwelling

         Extensions must not go forward of the building line of the original dwelling

        Side extensions must be single storey, maximum height of 4m and a width no more than half of the original building

          An extension must not result in more than half the garden being covered

What are Building Regulations?

All extensions will require Building Regulations Approval, regardless if planning permission is required or not. There are rules laid down by Parliament in regards to the quality of design and build, in order to insure a minimum build quality and safety level.

Employing EJK Property Services means that you will not have to worry about this element, due to all of our structures being built to a premium finish, that comply with the above regulations. 


How to design your house extension?

You will likely have a vision, as to how you want the extension to look. Utilising professionals can add value to your own ideas by informing you if they are possible and by generating more ideas (that you potentially had not considered).

Your ideas will then be formulated into professional plans. EJK Property Services can help with this service.

Who will manage the project?

EJK Property Services can manage the entire project for you. EJK’s expert team spans construction (EJK Construction), electrics (EJK Electrical), joinery (EJK Joinery) and EJK Interior design (Blue Studio Interiors). 

We can be your one point of contact, or we can work in partnership with you and other businesses you wish to employ (on certain elements).


Approved Council Contractors

EJK are proud to be approved Dover District Council Contractors. Not only does this mean that we carry-out work on Dover District Council properties, it also gives you peace of mind that we are builders that can be trusted with your property. Our work and service are always first-class.

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