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EJK Electrical are fully qualified local electricians, covering Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Thanet, Wingham, Kent and London. 

We are experts in lighting, rewiring, new installations, lighting controls, security CCTV and under floor heating

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Illuminating atmospheres...

EJK Electrical’s highly skilled team cater for both domestic and commercial projects. Whether your home needs re-wiring or your conference suite requires new lighting, EJK Electrical can help create the atmosphere you are looking to achieve. Our fully qualified team are ready to consult on every stage of the project. Our full list of services are listed below.

Internal and external lighting

Lighting options for your home…

Creating atmosphere through light..

Employing the right internal and external lighting can create the perfect ambience. EJK Electrical specialise in residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, we offer numerous options, from the traditional to the contemporary lighting systems.

Looking for home lighting? Internally we are able to install lighting systems in in all key a areas. From traditional ceiling fittings to downlights to LED strips in your kitchen cabinets. Whatever your need, EJK Electrical can offer a solution.

Looking for external and garden lighting? With the summers getting longer, you may want to take advantage and spend more time in the garden. We can install a range of options, from path and patio lighting to hot tub enclosures.


Boiler and heating installations

Learn how a new boiler can benefit you…

Benefits of a new boiler?

Having a warm cosy home, with hot water on demand is a standard requirement these days, but how efficient is your boiler and how much is it costing you? Read below for some of the benefits of a new boiler.


Cutting energy bills

Your boiler can account for 60% of your home energy bill. Therefore, having an efficient boiler can save £200-300 per year.

Remote control

Today’s modern boilers are built to work with a range of electronic devices. From wireless thermostats to smart products like NEST. Employing smart technology lets you control your home heating from your smartphone. For example, when you are away from the property on a cold day, you can turn on the heating in certain rooms, at certain times. Resulting in a comfortably warm welcome on your return.

What’s more, and at a basic level, radiators come fitted with TRV’s, which allows you to manually control every radiator in your property. Altogether, this allows complete control of your home heating system. 


Improved boiler design and modern materials, results in new boilers becoming significantly quieter than older models. This is a real benefit in homes where boilers are situated near bedrooms. The reduced noise equates to a more peaceful environment.

Additional space

A modern boiler is compact and can be fitted in a variety of locations within a property. Due to the smaller size, this will save the owner space, which can be utilised for something more interesting. Furthermore, there is no need for water tanks, unlike older models. Accordingly, this frees up space in the home and maximises functionality.


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